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At Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control, we do it all! Including: 

  • Cockroach removal
  • Mice and rat control
  • Flea removal
  • Spider control and removal
  • Mosquito removal 
  • Bed bug control

 Living in a home with critters running through the walls and insects buzzing in your face makes any resident want to pack up and leave.

Fortunately, for the citizens of Centennial and surrounding areas, we’re here to remove those annoying pests. Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control will come and inspect your home and clear away any animal or insect that isn’t supposed to be there.

We have a qualified, expert team who only uses safe, synthetic, and family-friendly chemicals. After successful extermination, we will provide you with tips and knowledge on how to prevent future infestations.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pest Control Service

When realizing there is a pest problem in a home, most folks think to handle the situation themselves. While that is proactive, there are reasons why it should be left to the professionals.

Locating the Source of the Problem: In handling extermination jobs yourself, there is a lot of room for error. One of the most common and consequential mistakes is miss-identifying the source of the problem. In doing so, only certain areas of the home are being treated while others, specifically the breeding and hot-spots, are being left untouched. This will only fix the problem for a short while, and you’ll end up with the same problem over and over again. When hiring a professional pest control service, you are controlling the situation the first time. We will make sure to remove all pests and correctly find where the source of the infestation is.

Saving Money and Time: Like we stated above, treating infestations yourself can cause mistakes. Those mistakes will require you to spend more money on pest treatments because they didn’t work the first time. Also, some chemicals you buy might not completely fix the problem. That’s because they are not as strong as the commercial applications we provide. The chemicals our company uses are safe, synthetic, and family friendly as well as efficient and quick. We will successfully complete the job, saving you both time and money.

Pest Identification: In treating insects and animals, it’s easy to name them for one species when they’re really another. Improper identification will make you waste money on a chemical treatment that won’t even work for that creature. Also, some treatment plans are more dangerous for certain pests. For example, if you have a Deer Mouse infestation in your home you have to be much more careful because they carry a threatening virus, but you might think it’s just a common house mouse problem. Proper Identification of the pests in your home means a thorough removal process that is safer, more efficient, and lasts.

When it comes to pest removal, leave it to Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control!

Rodent Problems in Centennial, Colorado

With the rise of construction in Centennial, rats and mice are now being forced to move from their open fields and into different areas. What areas are those? Well, they might just be your house or business. The two most common rodents you will find in your home, business, or farm is the Norway Rat and Deer Mouse. While the many Centennial parks are an amazing part of our great city rats, rodent and mouse use places like the Centennial Center Park to nest and breed. When it gets cold, they look for your home!

Norway Rat: A brown to grayish brown rat with a gray belly. They have a long narrow snout, large round ears, and dark eyes. The Norway Rat is almost always associated with places near people, such as cities and farms. These rats should be exterminated by professionals because of their built-up tolerance for rat poison.

Deer Mouse: The most common mouse in Colorado and is found across the state as well as the country. They can be identified by their gray to reddish brown body with white belly, chest, and legs. Their tail is long, usually the length of their entire body. If spotted in a home, they should be immediately exterminated because they are a primary host for the virulent hantavirus. This virus causes Hantaviral Pulmonary Syndrome, which is a serious disease in humans.

If you have mice or rats in your home because of the new construction in Centennial then call Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control today! We are located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.