Englewood Pest Control and Extermination Services

Whether you need your yard sprayed to keep the annoying mosquitoes at bay or you need bed bugs removed from your home, we’ve got you covered.

Our services include:

Cockroach Removal
Fleas Removal
Bed Bug Removal

Spider Removal
Wasp Removal
Fly Removal
Mosquito Removal
Ants Removal

Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control is here to professionally exterminate any creature being a nuisance in your house. Our team is certified and trained experts with each given species we might encounter. To remove the pest we only use safe, synthetic, and family-friendly treatment methods. We can service your home or business; our one goal is to make sure your establishment is pest-free!

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How An Englewood Pest Control Service Can Help

There are many benefits involved when it comes to hiring a professional pest control service. One of those benefits is learning how to prevent future infestations from common household pests. Below is a list we’ve provided with some tips on how you can keep your house pest-free.

Rodent Prevention: Clean up all food spills and never leave any food out overnight. Keep all food items put away and in sealed containers. Seal all holes and openings that a rodent could slip through. Set traps in common rodent areas.

Cockroach Prevention: Clean up all spilled food, crumbs, grease, and pet food. Keep the kitchen clean and don’t leave dirty dishes out for a long time. Recycle old newspapers, throw out dirty, old rags, and take the trash out regularly. Sanitation is key!

Bed Bug Prevention: Before you book a hotel room on a trip, check the reviews for any bed bug problems. Upon arrival at your destination, check the bedroom for signs of bed bugs. After you return from your trip, wash all clothing used as well as the suitcase.

Ant Prevention: Clean up all spilled food and drinks, especially sugary items. Harvest all garden vegetables as soon as possible and keep all entrances sealed with ant spray. Have regular maintenance plans around the perimeter of your home to eliminate future ant infestations.

Wasp (nest) Prevention: Install wasp catchers around your property but not close to entrances as it attracts wasps. Keep outside trash in a sealed container and don’t leave opened soda or beer cans outside unattended. If able, keep all bright foliage and flowers away from the entrances of your building or home.

Fly Breeding Prevention: To limit fly populations in the home you want to remove all fruit or food that has gone bad. To prevent flies using your home as a temporary shelter, you can seal your building before they start to migrate indoors. Other methods such as; screening, caulking, and sealing entrances help in keeping flies from entering your home or business.