Ken Caryl Pest Control and Removal Services

If you’re in need of a professional service to remove annoying pests from your Ken Caryl home, we can help!

Our services include:
Mice Removal
• Rat Removal
• Cockroach Removal
• Spider Removal
• Fleas Removal
• Mosquito Removal
• Bed Bug Removal
• Ants Removal
• Wasp Removal
• Fly Removal

Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control has the tools, treatment methods, and situational awareness to handle each specific case.

We send in a team of experts who can correctly name what the pest is and where the source of the problem is. In treating the nuisance we use safe, synthetic, and family-friendly chemicals. If you hear a scurrying in the walls or wake up to bed bug bites, give us a call today!

You can reach us at 720-676-1803

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Why Hire A Ken Caryl Pest Control Service?

Other than the obvious reasons like disease and filth, pest infestations can also damage your home and leave it in an unsanitary condition. The faster the problem is addressed, the quicker we can be at removing it. That means that if a pest is left for too long in a home the damage will be more severe.

For instance, rats and mice can cause serious destruction to wires and cables in the walls. They will chew on and around the wires to electrical devices, causing short circuits. One of the largest risks they pose, other than diseases, is causing a fire in the home. They will chew on wires close to insulation, and one spark could ignite a fire. Rodents have also been known to chew on anything in the house, including wood, paper, cloth, and books. Any items that they can take to their nest they will chew.

Along with the internal damage, a pest infestation will most certainly leave a smell. Cockroaches leave an oily smell that is pungent. Rodents will urinate and leave feces, which can cause an unpleasant smell to come through the walls. These problems will make a house hard to sell, especially if the problem was left unchecked for too long.

After the extermination process, a thorough cleaning of the house is needed. That’s why we suggest knowing the signs early on and getting the pest under control as soon as possible. If you are noticing the signs of a creature living in your home, then contact Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control! We will get the situation under control so you can have your home back to normal.

Our Favorite Open Space in Ken Caryl, Colorado

Ken Caryl offers close proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills. These are places to escape the bustle of the city while still staying near home. Our company loves getting outdoors and enjoying nature, so we’ve listed our top three places to go!

South Valley Park: This is the ideal location for an easy hike, a beginner mountain trail, or horseback riding. This open space offers dramatic red sandstone spires and views of craggy outcroppings. Whether it’s snowing or colorful flowers are popping up in the warm weather, this location is beautiful year-round. .