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Ants are a common pest to wander indoors looking for scraps of food. If dropped food is available and not removed, a colony can form in your home. Ants are unsanitary, a nuisance, and can contaminate your food.

Upon arrival, we will do a complete inspection of the home and identify where the exact source of ants is coming from. We will create a treatment plan that works best for the specific situation and treat it accordingly.

If you believe you have an ant problem, hire Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control! We will immediately control the situation and take the steps needed to thoroughly exterminate them.

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Our Exterminators Will Find The Source 

If you’ve exterminated ants on your own you’ve probably run into the problem of them returning. That’s because to truly remove ants from the home you have to eliminate the queen ant. The ants you see marching in a trail on your kitchen floor are just the worker ants bringing food back to the colony, specifically the queen. Killing the worker ants won’t stop the queen from producing more ants that will start the same process over again.

Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control will follow the trial and figure what scent trails lead to the colony. Once the colony is found, we will add proper treatment to it to exterminate the queen. In doing so, we are stopping her from producing more workers, ending the ant problem completely.

We exterminate the queen first and the worker ants in your home later because we need to first identify the trial. Once the trail is determined, we will exterminate all working ants.

To receive an ant-free home call Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control today! Even if you don’t live in Highlands Ranch, we provide pest control services in Littleton and all of Douglas County!

How To Prevent Ants From Coming Into Your Home

Ants are attracted to spilled food in the home, especially sugary items. Leave one mess on the floor in the middle of summer and you have a line of ants from your front door to the kitchen! We’ve provided some tips on how you can prevent ants from coming into your home.

  • Clean up all spilled drinks and food at once
  • Harvest garden vegetation as soon as possible
  • Have a regular maintenance plan around the perimeter of your home to eliminate future ant infestations.
  • Seal all entrances with ant spray

Sometime these methods won’t stop ants from trailing into your home and you will need a professional pest control company to come to control them. If that’s the case, then you can look to Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control to remove all annoying pests from your home.¬†