Flea Extermination and Removal Services

Having fleas in your home is not only a nuisance, but it’s harmful to your pets and potentially dangerous to you and your family. Flea bites can be painful and will irritate your pet’s skin causing them to over itch. If you think you might have a flea problem in your home, then call Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control today! We make sure to efficiently remove all pests and fleas from your home so you can have a stress-free living space again.

When hiring us, we will come and access the root cause of the infestation and apply proper treatments to exterminate them. Thorough control and prevention of fleas require follow-up methods and maintenance plans. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep fleas from infesting your home.

Don’t let your fleas control your home any longer and have them removed! Call Highlands Family Pest Control today!

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Why Fleas Are More Than A Nuisance

Let’s be real, no one wants a flea infestation in their home. Having them is unsanitary, annoying, and uncomfortable. Fleas can jump up to 8 inches high, making you and your pets an easy target when walking through grass. Flea bites on humans can cause irritation to the skin, itching, and swelling. Their bites appear as small red bumps around the ankles. Sensitive skin can suffer an allergic reaction that might need treatment. When fleas take a pet as a host they cause severe itching and pain to the animal.

Although not common, fleas can be carriers for many diseases that could make your family or pets sick. Luckily, many illnesses they cause are treatable. If your animal has been bitten or swallows an infected flea they have can transfer tapeworm. Tapeworm is very dangerous for pets and can cause them to die of not treated. Fleas are more than a nuisance, and they should be exterminated right away.

How To Tell If You Have A Flea Problem

Once a flea finds a host they will start reproducing and an infestation can occur if not noticed right away. Fleas are extremely small insects, making them hard to detect until there’s many of them. If you suspect you or your pets have fleas check for these signs.


• Pets excessively itching and rubbing against things

• Pets licking their fur continuously to soothe a bite

• Raise bumps along your pets back or neck due to an allergic reaction from the flea


• Red, itchy bumps around ankles and feet

• Skin irritation due to allergic reaction from the flea

Once you have your home treated, we highly suggest getting all pets treated by over-the-counter methods or by visiting a vet. If the animal is not properly taken care of, fleas will not leave your home. But once you have your pets under control, contact Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control and let us handle the rest.