Fly Removal Services

Flies are especially annoying insects that contaminate food, land on faces, and are an overall nuisance. They can spread bacteria, germs, and diseases all across your home.

Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control will remove the fly infestation from your home. We will do a thorough inspection of your property and find where the source of the problem is. Once that is identified, we will develop a treatment plan and take the proper steps needed in exterminating the pest.

Our local exterminators will follow that plan until your fly problem is a thing of the past. 

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Why Flies Come Into The Home

Most often, flies are coming into your home looking for shelter or food, not to breed. But if they find decaying fruit, rotting garbage, or dirty drains, they might harvest their eggs there. Once breeding and harvesting start, you might have a fly problem on your hand.

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How To Prevent Flies Breeding In Your Home

To limit fly populations in your home you want to remove all fruit or food that has gone bad. For smaller species of flies, this is their main food source and breeding ground. To prevent flies using your home as a temporary shelter, you can seal your building before they start to migrate indoors, which is late summer and fall. Other methods such as; screening, caulking, and sealing entrances help in keeping flies from entering your home or business.

Seal and cover all garbage cans and take it out frequently during the warmer months. House Flies, Little House Flies, and Bow Flies can make moist garbage their breeding ground.

The best method in controlling fly populations in your home is keeping every surface sanitized, throwing out old food in sealed bags or containers, and taking the trash out regularly.

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Common Flies In Colorado

Bow Fly: These are large flies often found in buildings. They have a metallic grey, blue, or black body with transparent wings. These flies are outdoor breeders and seek the indoors in times of cooler weather. The Bow Fly prefers feeding and breeding on carrion and animals feces. An infestation of these flies in a home or business might be due to a dead animal within the walls that they are reproducing on. It might also be due to the building having easy access indoors when the weather started to turn cold.

Cluster Fly: Can be identified by their generally dark/grey body with distinctive golden hairs on areas of the thorax. These flies are moderately sized and are the most common fly to find in a home or business during the cooler months. The cluster fly does not breed or feed indoors and will only enter a building in hopes of finding shelter and warmth. They have the habit of migrating towards the top stories of buildings and large amounts of them can become a nuisance.

House Fly: Although their name associates them to be a common pest in a home, they are not as common as Bow Flies, Cluster Flies, and Fruit Flies. They can be identified by their mostly grey body with dark stripes and some yellow coloring along the sides of the thorax. This fly is attracted to all types of food items and can breed in garbage cans. They pose a threat of mechanically transmitting disease organisms. The House Fly digests by liquefying its food by regurgitating it. In doing so, they can spread diseases and illness on the food we eat.

Small Fruit Flies: Fruit flies are a common pest that is attracted to decaying fruit and will multiply quickly. They are very small fly with light brown bodies. They will lay their eggs in places with fermentation occurring so their young can feed on the yeast. The Fruit Fly is commonly found indoors in late summer and fall when harvested vegetables and fruit are moved inside.

If you notice an over-population of these flies in your home then Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control is here to control the situation!