Rat and Mouse Removal Service

Mice and Rats prefer establishing their home in your house. While they enjoy the warmth, you suffer what they leave behind. Rodents found in the home should be exterminated at once. Known to carry diseases and germs, they can cause harm to you, your children, and pests. Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control will remove mice and rats from your home or business, making it sanitary once more. We will assess if you have a rat or mouse colony in your home and take the proper steps to thoroughly remove it.

Signs of Rodent Infestations

• Mouse Droppings

• Rat Droppings (larger than mice feces)

• Gnaw Marks

• Squeaking and activity in the walls and ceilings

Once the problem is under control, we offer services to protect against further rodent infestations. To have your home or business efficiently cleaned of rats and mice; call Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control today! Contact us at: 720-676-1803

rat standing up in home

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Why You Should Remove Rodents ASAP

Other than the obvious reasons of filthy droppings in unwanted places and food being contaminated, you should remove rodent infestations because of the large threat they pose to your household.

Rats and Mice are known to carry multiple diseases and fleas. The most famous case of a rodent related disease was the bubonic plague that wiped out most of Europe in the 1300s. That was carried by the black rat, also commonly known as the roof rat, which is a common rat to infest homes in Colorado. While we don’t need to worry about the plague, this rat, as well as other species, still carry various diseases.

The Deer Mouse is a common rodent to find their home in your house. While they don’t have as large of colonies as House Mice, they pose a very real threat to your household. They are a host for the virulent hantavirus that causes Hantaviral Pulmonary Syndrome. A disease that is very harmful to humans and great care has to be taken when cleaning out their nests.
If you think you have a mouse or rat problem, then you should hire a professional pests control business immediately.

Rats, mice and rodents actually become so prominent in recent years that the Denver Post covered a story about the increasing pest population in Littleton, CO!