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A wasp colony on your property, especially inside your house, is a threat to you and your family.

It can cause havoc, allergic reactions, and feelings of un-safety in the comforts of home. Wasps can make their nests anywhere near your house, including attics, patios, doorways, under eaves, and the ground. If you notice a wasp nest anywhere near your house you should have it removed at once. The longer it’s left unnoticed the bigger the problem it becomes.

If you need a wasp nest removed from the premises, then you can count on Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control! Our expert team will identify any and all locations of wasp nests and take the proper steps in removing them. We use safe, synthetic, and family-friendly chemicals to exterminate all wasps from your property. After the process is finished, we will aid you on how to treat future wasp’s nests for ongoing stinging insect control.

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How To Control Wasp Populations On Your Property

• Install wasp catchers around your property but not close to entrances as it attracts wasps.

• Don’t leave opened soda cans or drinks around your property as wasps love drinking up sugary liquids

• Keep outside trash in sealed containers.

• If able, keep flowers and bright foliage away from entrances.

• Maintain wasp control treatments around your property.

• Have a keen eye for any wasp nest near the perimeter of your home. If found, take the proper steps needed to remove it, like hiring a professional wasp control service.


Common Wasps Along The Front Range

Yellowjackets: Usually nest in the ground in existing hollows. They can be identified by their banded body of yellow or orange and black. They are small and can be mistaken for a honeybee, but they lack the hairy body of the bee. Build a nest in an enclosed paper envelope and will sting when their nest is disturbed.

Wester Yellowjacket: Very aggressive and the cause of at least 90 percent of the “bee stings” in the state, according to Colorado State University. This species is a major nuisance to households and can form up to 200 wasps in a colony.

Hornets The most common hornet in Colorado is the Baldfaced Hornet, which is marked with black and white stripes. They make large paper nests in shrubs, trees, and under building eaves. They are not aggressive and rarely sting unless their nest is disturbed.

Paper Wasps: Are slender-bodied wasps with longer legs than other wasps. There are two paper wasps in Colorado, the Wester Paper Wasp, and the non-native European Paper Wasp. The Western Paper Wasp is reddish-brown with yellow markings while the European is shinier with black and yellow markings. These wasps will make their nests under building overhangs, within metal gutters and poles, and similar places. Because of their close proximity to households, they are a common culprit for wasp stings.

If you have Yellowjackets or Paper Wasps near your home, you should have them removed as soon as possible. Call Highlands Ranch Family Pest Control to have them professionally exterminated.